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Thread: Latch Problems: Not putting tongue over gums

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    Default Re: Latch Problems: Not putting tongue over gums

    Another update: She was just tired. Still has a bad latch.

    I quit using the shields. I've noticed no improvement and I think her latch sounds better on them just because of the material (instead of clicking on breast, she's clicking on silicone.) Her 2 month appointment is on the 30th but a hurricane is blowing in either tomorrow or Wednesday so that may have to be rescheduled. I still plan on asking about a therapist.

    Also, her weight gain that I thought was slow is actually totally normal. I was worried about it because my milk took longer than usual to come in, her latch sounds bad, and she was eating constantly, but I spoke with an LC again. She was born at 8lbs 11oz, dropped to 7lbs 15oz when we left the hospital (which worried me the most), I supplemented with a little formula but no more than 8oz over the week and pumped, she gained almost a pound by her two week appointment, and was up to 9lbs 12oz by her one month. I'll still be fretting over it until the next appointment but hopefully at the next weight check, she'll still be growing fine (she definitely isn't getting any skinnier!) and I will be able to quit worrying about that. And within the last week, she's started eating less frequently and actually slept 6 hours straight last night (and then decided she wasn't going to go back to sleep, so my day started at 3:30), so I'm pretty sure her constant eating was just a normal old newborn thing.

    I think I'm just worrying too much. I still want to get her latch better before she starts growing teeth, though.

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