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Thread: We did it!

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    Default We did it!

    Thanks so much for your encourangement and advice. I saw the lactation nurse at the hospital today & baby and I were finally able to nurse successfully! What a relief.

    Turns out it was a latching issue. Her lower lip was turned inward rather than outward & was frustrating her to no end. Now I need to master the "lower lip flip", lol. We were even able to nurse for a session when we got home. It wasn't as pretty or easy as when the lactation nurse was helping but we managed somehow.

    Can anyone point me to a good resource for how-to's on the lower lip flip? I'm searching through google now but not finding what I'm looking for.


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    Default Re: We did it!

    Yay!!! Good for you two! I don't have any resources on the lower-lip flip (never heard of it) but hopefully somebody else will. Congrats on successfully nursing, and good job figuring out the problem!

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    I don't have a link for the lower-lip flip, but I do remember when I was in the hospital I had a great postpartum nurse who showed me how to latch DD and get her lower lip turned out. She would position baby at the breast and wait for baby to open wide, and you kind of need to angle your baby's head so that the lower lip touches the breast first, then slide your baby's mouth over the nipple. What I mean by slide is once the lower lip is touching the breast, slightly push your baby's head forward (this makes the lower lip drag and turn out) and then push your baby's mouth fully onto the breast. The lower lip will be turned out and your baby's mouth will be opened wide on your breast (it would be nice if i had some kind of illustration or pictures to show you...)

    If you go thru this process and can't get baby's lower lip everted, then try to pull down on baby's chin. I found that this worked out when I would get the latch quite right.

    I'm not sure how old your baby is, but this is what I had to do when DD was a newborn.

    Good luck!

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    Grab a Dr. Sears book, or look at his website, for a diagram. That is who originated the term.

    I used to gently pull down on the chin to help baby open up.
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