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Thread: Feel guilty over using Nystatin...ugh

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    Default Feel guilty over using Nystatin...ugh

    I have given it to her twice today and both times she truly disliked...dreading another 2 weeks of it, but she has it in mouth and diaper area, plus she had yellowish discharge and stinky urine. She doesn't seem bothered, but after the gen violet didn't work and b/c it's been going on for over a month I felt I had to try the nystatin.

    I only gave the grapefruit seed extract a day then become stressed about the discharge. I hope this antibiotic helps.

    I feel so worked up and stressed

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    Default Re: Feel guilty over using Nystatin...ugh

    This site was super helpful for general info for me and helping me deal with thrush.

    the site mentions how its likely the yeast can be resistant to the nystatin, which i found interesting. so my approach has always been vinegear washes and some lotriimin. when it seemed to be bad i had my dr prescibe diflucan and i doubled the dose over a 24 hr period.

    i just wrote a bunch on it in a different thread, let me link it: HERE

    try not to stress thrush is a struggle and take some troubleshooting to find out what is best.

    and i cant say whats best for you guys but i always wiped my sons bum with vinegar and put the lotrimin as a cream on his bum too.

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