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Thread: breast feeding and sippy cups

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    Default breast feeding and sippy cups

    I have a 9 month old boy and I work full time. He rotates between daycare and grandparents while I am at work. They both think he should start using a sippy cup. My concern with this is I still nurse when I can and only pump while at work. Is it that necessary to start a sippy cup now? My goal was to nurse the full 12 months. He has all four front teeth if that matters..

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    What's going to go in the sippy cup?

    I think as long as it's very small amounts of water (or whatever), maybe offered after food if he's thirsty, it would probably be fine. Unless he fills up on liquids and then isn't hungry, I don't think it will impact your nursing at all. That said I don't think it's "necessary" either. It's funny, my DCP just asked me to send in a sippy cup too, so I've been figuring it out. I think I'm sending one but with the note that he is only to get very small amounts of water (an ounce at a time).

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    i agree with pp. Maybe I am not understanding your question-I do not get why using a sippy rather than a bottle at daycare would affect nursing.

    a sippy rather than a bottle should not be an issue, that i am aware of. the issue as far as nursing duration and nutrition is baby tanking up on non-nutrient fluids like water or juice and nursing less. Breastmilk contains plenty of water, a 9 month old should not have cow milk, and juice is totally unnecessary.

    on the other hand i don't know why it really matters at this point. What is the reasoning for the switch?

    Do you send breastmilk to daycare/grandparents? i would suggest just say sippy use is fine as long as it has either your breastmilk or small amounts of water in it. The only concern may be that if they switch to a sippy precious breastmilk will be lost due to spills.

    Someone recently had a concern that the sippy cup would cause more nipple confusion then would a bottle. is that your concern? or would you prefer your baby was held during feedings?

    bottom line, he is your baby. If you are more comfortable with bottles for any reason, i think that should be your call.

    and if anyone is saying you should stop nursing, they do not know what they are talking about. how long you nurse is entirely your own business, and you are right that the infant feeding recommendation from the AAP is that babies should nurse for at LEAST 12 months, and as long after that as mom and baby desire. Don't let anyone interfere with your wanted nursing relationship.
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