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    Should I still nurse if I have a milk blister? Is there a way to treat it to get it healed quickly or should I just leave it alone?

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    You absolutely should nurse. When you have a blister, a plugged duct often follows because the milk backs up behind the blister. You want to drain the breast frequently to prevent plugs, or their evil sister, mastitis.

    - Moist healing- soak the breast in the tub or shower, use a wet washcloth, tuck a cotton ball moistened with olive oil into your bra over the blister, use lanolin ointment
    - Use combination 1% hydrocortisone cream and Bacitracin antibiotic ointment on blister to combat inflammation/infection- use pea-sized amount mixed and applied using clean finger
    - If frequent nursing and soaking does not result in blister breaking, and you can feel a plugged duct mounting behind the bluster, it may be necessary to break the blister using a sterile needle. Do this yourself- no-one is better equipped than you to know when the needle has penetrated too far, and this includes a doctor or nurse.

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    This is Excellent excellent advice that I also received from Mommal a few months ago and I just want to say I lived and nursed through it and it got waaaay better! So take heart! It amazingly healed quickly- just def take Pp advice and don't stop nursing! Your nipples will be 'Like' new again soon! Lol I had some severe blisters and scabs w cracks and plugs- nice-and a little tLc took care of it. I usually don't post much when great advice has been given, but it is still all to fresh in my mind so I had to say hang in there!!

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    Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement! I think the blister came off yesterday thanks to the tips you gave me! I'm still experiencing some pain but it is so much better. Thank you!

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