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Thread: Colic & Extreme Gas - So Depressed :(

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    I'm wondering if pumping and bottle feeding him would help?
    I strongly urge you to NOT go down this road. This is how moms end up exclusively pumping and that is so very hard, it often means that moms have to stop much sooner than they would have stopped breastfeeding, and baby ends up on formula, and the health risks of formula are well documented. On the other hand, while your baby is in discomfort now and I understand that is distressing, there are NO documented health risks to baby of forceful letdown or oversupply, and even in the rare case that it is a food based allergy, again, the recommendation is that BREASTFEEDING continue while the problems are worked out. This is because not only breastmilk but nursing at the breast promotes normal heath outcomes-and formula and bottles do not. This is basically what I was cautioning against with my story of the mom who stopped nursing but donated her milk in previous post-she ended up with a baby who would not nurse and low supply (keeping up supply when eping is very hard) and then realized it was a mistake and wanted to nurse again. So hard! This happens more frequently than I care to think about. Instead, I suggest, try the remedies for ffld suggested in kellymom article and that should make a difference rather quickly IF that is the problem. If it is SEVERE oversupply, which I doubt, that also can be fixed without bottles, but it may require more techniques.
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