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Thread: Will block feeding lower supply too much?

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    Question Will block feeding lower supply too much?

    DD hasn't had any green poops (no mucous or blood either ) since I stretched out my block feeding to 6 hours per side. I posted earlier about her pulling off in what seems like frustration that there is not milk pouring out like it was before.

    She has also started sleeping 8-9 hours at night and, surprisingly, my breasts are not engorged at all. One does become fairly full when I don't start off with that side in the morning. When she does finally eat from that side is the only time she eats happily without constantly pulling off.

    Am I doing something wrong? Should I shorten the block feedings? I am just afraid that I am going to wake up one morning and find that the well has gone dry.

    Before I started the block feedings she was eating every 3 hours for 30-45 minutes. Now she will eat every 1.5-2 hours but only for 10-20 minutes. (except for when she eats from that very full side)

    Something in the back of my mind is telling me that my supply is dwindling.

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    Default Re: Will block feeding lower supply too much?

    Hi i have noticed the same thing as you with my DD. I started block feeding about 1 month ago after contacting a LLL leader in my local area (i had a case of too much foremilk causing nasty explosive/green/crying baby) i block feed all the time, though she always seems more satisfied on my left breast rather than my right. She also likes to pull off of the breast rather sharpish mid-feed (i have lots of trouble getting her off to sleep) but when she does she goes for up to 8 hrs feeds for 15-20 mins and then goes back off to sleep. I used to suffer the engorged breasts regularly but since starting the block feeding this seems to have stopped (though i still leak all over the place) I dont think it is a case of loosing supply - maybe like someone suggested to me - it is you supply settling?

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    Default Re: Will block feeding lower supply too much?

    Your milk supply will be just fine, as long as you aren't supplementing or scheduling feeds. What the baby takes out, your body will replace. So if it's going into her tummy (and you gauge this by her good and frequent wet diapers), then your breasts will keep up.

    Your DD had almost three months to get used to your overactive letdown while you were overproducing. So it stands to reason that now she's wondering why the milk isn't gushing out anymore. She will probably adjust to the slower flow in time -- but even if she doesn't, isn't this better than it was when you were dealing with such a severe foremilk/hindmilk imbalance?

    When I switched to block feedings, my DS started nursing more frequently also. At the peak of it, I think he was nursing every 90 minutes. It doesn't signal any problem with your supply, and actually our babies are sort of designed to nurse really frequently for just a few minutes each time.

    In other words -- even though things are different now, I think everything sounds just fine! Hang in there.


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