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Thread: Please help... Lipase questions

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    Default Please help... Lipase questions

    What causes excessive lipase? My daughter has had no problem taking a bottled of thawed milk til yesterday when I noticed the odd smell. I didn't have a lipase issue with my milk with my first, why is it happening now? What causes it? How can I avoid it? Is it something I'm eating??
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    its not anything you are doing. i did not have it with my first but did with my second.

    it is simply a variation in the amount of the production of the enzyme, lipase, which is produced to keep some of the fats separated as far as i know. there is nothing wrong or odd about making more than usual expect in the storage of milk. if you think about it, pumping is not what we would naturally do. we wouldnt store our milk.

    if you do need to store milk this is a good link:

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