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Thread: Serious Pain while Nursing

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    Default Serious Pain while Nursing

    I'm nursing my nearly 4 week old son and I'm having serious pain every time. It is definitely worse at the start of the feeding, but it gets more manageable. When he is finished nursing my nipple is shaped like a new tube of lipstick.

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    Is the pain in your nipple only or where? When did you start having pain?
    Are your nipples damages (I mean, scabbed, blistered, bleeding etc.)?
    Sometimes the letdown itself is somewhat painful.
    Sorry mama, that is no fun. Hopefully we can help you figure it out and fix the issue. Many moms have pain issues at some point and are able to work it out.


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    Default Re: Serious Pain while Nursing

    While it is usual to have pain briefly at the beginning of a nursing session (sometimes known as the 60 second sizzle) during the early days of breastfeeding, if the pain is persisting throughout the feeding or beyond, usually there's something that can use improvement. We may be better able to troubleshoot with you if you can tell us a bit more about what the pain you're experiencing is like, describing the sensations in more detail. Are your nipples becoming cracked? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplehealing/ Do they blanch after your baby unlatches? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/
    Lipstick nipple usually indicates a less than perfect latch, so it may help to try different positions and angles and work with your baby on really getting a good latch. This may be a two steps forward one step back journey. I had to relatch baby many times for several days before we really made progress forward. It's easiest to do this if you catch early feeding cues and try to nurse before baby is frantic. Mine went from 0-60 in no time flat, so sometimes I put up with a bad latch for a few seconds while he got some milk in him, then worked more on latch. The "nipple sandwich" technique really helped me cram a greater amount of breast into his mouth so that he was latching onto the areola not just the nipple. And over time your baby's mouth will get bigger which will help. One thing that may be beneficial would be getting hands on help with an IBCLC or someone trained in latch issues.
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    The pain happens when he nurses and is pretty specific. It is always the same kind of pain, feels like razor blades! It sort of feels like I can feel the milk being pulled out of me and it hurts the whole way out. The serious pain stops when he unlatches, but occasionally I will feel some burning while he is not nursing. I am using an ointment after feedings and usually soak with a warm washcloth before he nurses.
    I have tried to fix his latch because I'm pretty convinced it is shallow, so we are working on that. I did just notice a crack in my nipple that is probably contributing to the pain. I have not noticed any blanching after feeding.

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    Default Re: Serious Pain while Nursing

    This happened to me...my nipples bled as well, but it does go away I promise, also lipstick nipple corresponds with bad latch.
    Just make sure his mouth is as wide as possible before he latches - fish mouth!
    My LO rarely latches with a big mouth now but it doesn't hurt at all - she's 4.5 months.
    Also Mother Love nipple cream is amazing!!!
    It's $8 from Amazon and I used it after/before every feed for a week and I still have more than half the small jar!

    Hang in there, it does get better!!!

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