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Thread: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

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    Default "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    I'm currently still nursing my 22 month old daughter 3-4 times a day, and while I'd like to encourage her towards weaning I'm in no immediate rush.

    What I would like to help her with is introducing some sort of "lovey" to replace my breasts at night. She is fine with ending nursing and going to bed, but lately she's been asking to "hold unu" (unu = my breasts) as she goes to sleep and when she wakes she's been wanting to do the same. In particular she likes to hold and twist my nipples which is getting more and more irritating...

    I've tried little stuffed animals, and blankets, but nothing seems to click. I saw on another post some ideas people posted as loveys and I'm just curious what other people have found their kids took to (especially at a later age) and maybe ideas on successfully introducing a lovey at this age... thanks!!!

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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    My daughter didn't really go for loveys until she was weaned at 25 months. She has a little blanket that has a bunny head on it that she likes. Maybe something like that, that you could cover yourself with?

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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    Maybe go in a different direction and get something that has a harder rubber surface, like a baby doll?
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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    A shirt of yours, that has your smell on it and that you could put back on periodically to "refresh" the smell, might be comforting if wanting to hold your breast is about wanting mama. My son is much younger but has slept much better since I started putting one of my t-shirts in the crib with him every night. He's young enough that he's okay with any old t-shirt as long as it smells like me but I suspect an older child would probably want it to always be the same shirt.

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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    I got my daughter a Taggies brand puppy, named Buddy. It's a very soft plush, with floppy ears and tags on the collar that she likes to finger as she's drifting off. We started with it by placing it between her and myself while laying at night nursing, I'd wrap her upper arm around it and his nose would be right next to her chin. Now she pretty much keeps hold of him while falling asleep. He stays in her bed and she knows he's not a regular toy to play with.
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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    My DD has a bunny, really soft and floppy, and it's ear have that satin fabric on them. I'll be looking for something similar for this baby as well.
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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    I have to say that I think it's impossible to guess what kind of lovey your child might prefer. DD's choices were utterly random (one was a cheap baby wash cloth, the other a soft toy dog, even though she never plays with stuffed animals while awake). Maybe you could take her to a store and see what kinds of textures she seems to reach out for and linger over? Then once you have something picked out, try putting it in her hands or within reach every time you nurse, so she comes to associate the object with nursing and comfort.

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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    My son sleeps in his own crib, but when he would come into bed with us in the mornings sometimes he thought laying down on a pillow, like mommy and daddy do, was really fun. We gave him a small pillow of his own and he loved it.

    I think he is more attached to the ritual of bedtime than the actual pillow, but over time he grew attached to the pillow, too. We tried to swap it out for a full sized pillow so we could have an allergy cover on it, but it caused him some distress, so we gave back the little pillow.
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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    My daughter has one of these loveys...I posted this link on another thread a little while ago, not sure if that's the one you saw or not. They are great b/c they have little tabs that she can rub, which she does when she's sleepy. We call hers "Dolly" (she has the pink bear) and I started giving it to her when she wanted something to hold while nursing. They are very soft & the perfect size to hold while nursing. She doesn't sleep or nurse well without Dolly...we actually had to order a second one so that I could sneak away the first one to get washed! "Spare Dolly" goes to daycare with her for her naps there I would highly recommend them!

    Also want to say great idea about giving LO one of your t-shirts...I had never thought of that!
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    Default Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    It might also be about the angle at which it props up her arms while she sleeps. You know how it is when you get a puffier or flatter pillow than you're accustomed to? So maybe find something bigger, that you can sort of slide in under her arms.
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