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Thread: need help with supplamenting

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    Default need help with supplamenting

    My son is 4 days old and has lost 12.6% off his birth weight. His Dr. wants me to add formula. I want to breastfeed only. Yesterday was the first day that I have been able to express anything from them. I have no issues with him latching till last night when i introduced the formula. Dr said to nurse like i have been but offer him a bottle afterward. I don't wanna do a bottle in fear of nipple confusion so i'm using a small needle-less syringe 1cc to give tiny amounts. is this ok? or should i be using a bottle...?

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    Default Re: need help with supplamenting

    The syringe is fine. I would do the same thing. Some moms have even used small spoons. Do u have good supply? I would just keep offering the breast if I were you,,, lo will gain the weight back in no time...
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    if a baby does not gain as appropriate on breastmilk, breastfeeding should be assessed by an ibclc. have you looked into what is available near you?

    how is nursing going-is it painful for you, or does baby seem to have a good latch, do you see baby sucking and swallowing?
    Is baby nursing at least 10-12 times a day?
    how is baby's output-how many poops per day, and are they starting to transition from merconium (sticky and black) to watery, lose, yellow-this transition takes several days, and during it stools change gradually in color and texture.
    have all weight checks been carefully done on the same scale with baby in a dry diaper or nothing?
    did you have any fluids via iv during labor

    even if you need to supplement I cannot imagine why using an alternative feeding method would be a problem.

    these articles may help with your questions.




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    Default Re: need help with supplamenting

    with the PPs. Use the syringe, and contact a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC for help. There are other supplementing methods, and with help from the LC you may decide you don't even need them.

    LLLMeg asked all the right questions. If you can answer those for us, we may know better how exactly to help.

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