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    I'm at 37 weeks and wondering if I should do anything before I give birth to coax my flat nipples out. They're not very flat, they protrude slightly when cold, it's just that when I squeeze them they crumble in on themselves.

    Should I not worry about it and just wait to see if my little boy can get a good latch? Or should I try wearing Avent nipplettes or Medela breast shells or something before he's born?

    Any thoughts or experiences you can share will encourage me!!

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    I didn't use shells, you will want to make sure your baby gets a good grasp of your nipple, though. My daughter's first nursing attempt consisted of her latching on to my areola (above my nipple) and giving me a bruise. It did cause us some problems but, I don't know if it's from all the pumping and nursing we did, but they are really not flat any more. I would usually rub them lightly before latching her on to make them stand out more and then really watch that her mouth was open wide and then she could latch on.
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    I think the best thing you could do would be to find a good lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, and have her on speed dial. That way you can get her help ASAP if you run into trouble. When you have nursing issues with a newborn, nothing beats hands-on help!

    I would definitely at least try the shells. They can't hurt and may help.

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    I wish I had tried the shells for my flat nipples, so I would say try them! I used a Latch Assist to draw out the nipple prior to latching which you can buy, or the LC at the hospital gave me one for free.

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    I used the latch assist, too. Found it very helpful and way easier than hooking a pump up to produce the same effect. And it was small enough to fit in the diaper bag easily.

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