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Thread: is this the best way or is there a better method?

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    Default is this the best way or is there a better method?

    I have hypoplasia and my son and I got off to a really rough start...we have dealt with tongue tie, following a rediculous suggested feeding regimen, a very sleepy first week with tons of missed feedings....ugh....needless to say my supply never got establishedwell. I have played catch up and done EVERYTHING in my power to climb back up to this. Obviously i wish I could start over & do it right with the knowledge I have gotten

    Basically my milk supply is measured by constant pumping at 15 oz a day + or -. I pump every hour in between feeds because I have a low capacity and once I have 2 oz...production really slows.

    I want to know if I should just put my báby to the breast instead in those inbetween hours and just supplement every 3rd hour which would give him the same amount. His tongue tie has stretched out a little on its own so he does nurse effectively now.... I just worry that with so many micro meals he will just get frustrated and upset as he does when I switch bottles in my sns and the flow stops.

    I don't want to frustrate him....but I want to nurse him more often directly instead of pumping. I just want to offer like in a normal breastfeeding experience. I only make 1/2 oz an hour so he quickly goes through it. Its hard to figure out what to do in this situation because I cant rely wholly on my own milk so i cant really apply the suggestions in the guide to breastfeeding book.

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    Default Re: is this the best way or is there a better method?

    if your Lo has a strong rhythmic suck and he has the strength and ability to get the milk he needs directly from you, go for it.
    i would spend the next 4 days at home, nurse round the clock and watch his wet/dirty diapers.
    if after 3 days you don't feel an improvment ....
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    Default Re: is this the best way or is there a better method?

    with the PP. I would at least try it and see if there's an improvement. If not, you go back to the pump.

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