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Thread: yeast infection and reocuring blocked ducts

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    Default yeast infection and reocuring blocked ducts

    I have a 4 month old and have been suffering from a blocked duct for 4 weeks. Last week I got a blister on my right nipple. The nipple went away but left a small open wound. Within 24 hours I had stabbing pains in my nipple. My doctor says I have a yeast infection in my breast and that is likely causing the blocked ducts. I have been on diflucan for a week and my block is getting worse. The nipple pain and breast pain have also returned. I am waiting for my doctor to call me back. Today I have another blister and I feel very discouraged. Does anyone have any experience with yeast infections and blocked ducts?

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    Default Re: yeast infection and reocuring blocked ducts

    Oh my goodness! a blocked duct for 4 weeks sounds so troublesome.
    what have you been doing to try to clear the plug?
    position changes? Wire free bra? massage? nursing more often and nursing on the plugged side more often?
    My heart goes out to you. And now you have a yeast infection on top of it all.
    sometimes there is an underlying cause creating a plug, and a possible vehicle for yeast infection.
    Did you ever suffer an injury to your breast, underarm or chest muscles? Any past surgeries?
    do you have sinus problems, chronic infections?
    are you keeping all lotions and products away from your nipples, just fresh air and sunlight?
    could you possibly have a gum /tooth infection?
    i am going down the list of possible causes for plugs and yeast.
    I wish i could help you find the culprit and conquer this obstacle once and for all.
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    Default Re: yeast infection and reocuring blocked ducts

    I am also curious to hear what you've been doing to clear the plug. And h baby been treated for thrush, in addition to you?

    Also, did the doc consider the possibility that this is not thrush, but mastitis (a bacterial infection of the breast, which can often start with a plug and/or cracked skin in the nipple area, as would be present after a nipple blister breaks).

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