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Thread: Suspicion of Oversupply/Forceful Let Down and other things..

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    Default Suspicion of Oversupply/Forceful Let Down and other things..


    Have been nursing my daughter for going on 8 weeks now. We've had several issues and I have a few suspicions of what it might be but thought I'd come here to get any advice I can.

    My first suspicion is "oversupply" and subsequently "forceful let-down" reasons would be because she'll latch on and within a minute she'll unlatch and milk will be usually spraying everywhere. She'll continue to latch and unlatch throughout the feeding also while gulping, choking and coughing and some times also screaming while unlatched. She also burps and spits up frequently and seems to have a lot of gas. And some times she won't even latch at all even though she's only been eating for MAYBE 5 minutes...all while screaming.

    The other suspicion is that something I'm eating is causing some of her gassy-ness or fussiness or causing her to not want to latch on and eat.

    Any thoughts??

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    Default Re: Suspicion of Oversupply/Forceful Let Down and other thin

    Sounds exactly like forceful letdown. I'd stop worrying about your diet! Eat what you want, and start dealing with the FFLD by adopting reclined nursing positions. Lying back enlists gravity to slow the flow of milk. If that doesn't make a big difference, let us know. You might want to graduate to block feeding- but since it's possible to go too far with block feeding you really want to start with reclining.

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