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Thread: Constant Nurser, How to Find Time to Pump

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    Default Constant Nurser, How to Find Time to Pump

    DS (7 weeks has me feeling like a breastfeeding newbie again! He's just so much different than his sister (3 years) that I'm feeling a little unsure of myself at times.

    DD nursed every 2 hours (aside from during growth spurts) from almost the moment she entered this world until she was over 1 year old. DS could not be more different. It feels like he nurses constantly. Nights are a little better with him going 3.5 hours for his first stretch however that's after several hours of VERY fussy cluster feeding.

    I know this is quite normal for his age it's just taking some adjusting to on my part. I don't really know how often he nurses throughout the day and I don't watch the clock. I'm sure part of it is my fault as I just automatically nurse him when he gets fussy or upset. It just seems much better than listening to him cry and lets me continue to do stuff with my daughter while DS nurses.

    What really has me stressed is being able to leave DS at some point. We are going to a wedding at the beginning of Oct and I'll be leaving DS with my parents. I haven't been able to pump yet to even see if he'll take a bottle because he's always nursing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm stressing and debating even going at this point even though I'd really like to.


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    Default Re: Constant Nurser, How to Find Time to Pump

    I think the best thing you can do is to relax, and see what the passage of time brings. Your LO is still so tiny. It's normal for him to be a very frequent feeder, and I think it's very normal for a 2nd time mom to not really know how often her baby nurses, because her first baby taught her that there's no point in watching the clock, and because she learned that the best, easiest way to deal with fussing is to nurse.

    I think the thing to do is to make a back-up plan for the wedding. If taking the baby to the wedding is not an option, how about taking the baby to the wedding venue, and having a sitter with a cell-phone, ready to call you the moment baby needs you?

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    Default Re: Constant Nurser, How to Find Time to Pump

    My DD was the same until she became 4 months but my husband and my mother helped me a lot with this taking her for a strol or to another room to play, or listening to music or whatever while I rested or while I had a little bit of air. I am sure she could smell me so she would be very anxious when I was around... indeed now that she is 17 months still gets anxious when I am around and starts pulling out the breast.

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