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Thread: UPDATE: advice wanted - slow weight gain

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    Default UPDATE: advice wanted - slow weight gain

    Hello, ladies.

    We met the GI doc today and got really good news, her ultrasound was great. Everything looked exactly like it was supposed to! Yes!! Biliary Artresia was the big scare and now we can relax about that. The doctor wants to recheck her bloodwork and see her again next week to go over it. If the liver enzymes are still elevated then she'll do further bloodwork to rule out metabolic disorders, infection, etc. If the enzymes are normal, and she isn't LOSING weight, she said we can just relax and go about our lives. She said as long as she doesn't fall off the growth chart and continues to gain SOMETHING every week, there's no problem.

    I feel very relieved, but also can't help feeling frustrated that there's something wrong with my milk! Logically, I know my hormones are raging and making me think crazy stuff, but I looked back at my first posts here on the forum back when my son was born and he had the exact same growth pattern!!! The pediatrician I had at the time insisted we supplement with formula and we were never able to wean him off, and he eventually refused bf'ing altogether which is why I'm being so adamant about not even giving this baby a bottle. It makes my hormonal self wonder, though, if my body just can't provide a baby with enough nutrition!

    As a side note, a couple of your names (Jenna and Caldonia) sounded familiar, and you both gave advice and words of encouragement 4 years ago when I struggled with my son. This forum is such a great resource and I've got to say thank you all for your help everyone.
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    Default Re: UPDATE: advice wanted - slow weight gain

    It's not your milk! In fact what about it being a genetic predisposition to being slender...there are worse things in this world .

    I just had my skinny boys 18 month check up, he's now 2nd percentile weight and 92nd height, the doctor isn't worried. Trust your body mama
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