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    I stopped birth control pills a week ago. Milk supply seemed to shoot right up. Baby gained 6oz in a week..LC was pleased and we didint have to worry about her lack of weight gain anymore..until...2 days ago where the awful feeling of emptiness returned. Here is the pattern:
    Baby goes on what feels to me as an empty breast. Baby fusses with grunting until let down. A few minutes later let down begins baby sucks long and hard. About 1 minute goes by and baby is not getting a good flow of milk..she gets fussy again. Sucks fast and no second let down. Sometimes i switch breasts and i get the same result.
    is this low milk supply? In the mornings when she first eats after a 6-7 hour sleep my breasts are full and let down is immediately. What is happening? Are my breasts really empty...and why? I had to supplement her with 3oz of stored breast milk. I was so upset. Please help me.

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    what's her output like in diapers? that is a better indicator of what she is getting than breast fullness feeling. after a long stretch without feeding (in the morning usually) its typical to feel fuller, and also there tends to be an emptier feeling by the evening. most importantly, around 3 months or so the breasts get used to making a perfect amount of milk and may feel softer/less full.

    This article is very informative: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...east-fullness/
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    Christine asks a good question on diapers and a very good link.
    Also, in the early weeks, mom makes more milk than necessary to ensure baby gets enough while mom and baby practice and get the hang of nursing. Then, sometimes babies get used to the relative ease of getting milk in the early days, and when supply actually evens out to where it should be, they are annoyed they have to work for it. But they typically soon learn that the milk is indeed there, and they just have to work a bit, and stop fussing over that. When you are having slower letdowns in the evening, just plop down somewhere comfy, relax with your feet up, and let her cluster feed, switching back and forth as necessary. This is excellent for supply.
    I plotted your babies weights on the WHO chart for breastfed girls, and really, mama, it looks like she's doing ok. She's not falling off the charts at all. It's scary to hear whatever %ile as a number, especially if you think of it like grades in school where below 70% is "failing", but babies can be healthy at all sizes. When you look at the graph of where your DD's weight is, it really doesn't look so drastic. But if you're still worried about the weight gain, you could always try to fit in more feedings, that never hurts. cht_wfa_girls_p_0_6.jpg
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    What scares me most is how I see she acts when milk does not come out. I can tell she's not getting any milk after the initial let down because she will suck vigorously briefly and the milk flow will slow down or not come out at all I have tried compression as well. When I supplemented just to make sure she was hungry and not tired she ate 3 ounces out of the bottle my question is why couldn't she get that from breastfeeding and what can I do to help her. I am told over and over again that the empty feeling is normal but for me my breasts feel so soft just feeling it that way stresses me out which cannot be helping the situation Her wet diapers and poopy diapers are well above adequate probably 6 to 8 wet diapers and for pooping I am really thrown off by her change of routine. Last week she went twice in 1 week and for the last couple of days she has been pooping 6 to 8 times a day. Is this a drastic change normal? Thank you for all of your help.
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    Changes in poop frequency are very normal throughout the first year. After 6 weeks, breastfed babies may go as often as several times per day or as little as once a week. As long as weight gain is normal, baby is being nursed on demand and not on a schedule, wet diaper output continues to be normal, and baby doesn't seem to have diarrhea (stools will be excessively watery and foul-smelling), a change in poop frequency is nothing to lose sleep over.

    It's very normal for a baby to eat a large amount from the bottle even after a perfectly satisfactory nursing session. Babies love to suck, and when they suck on a bottle they must swallow or they will choke because the bottle delivers a rapid flow regardless of how hungry the baby is. This is totally different from the way a baby sucks on the breast: the breast delivers a lot of milk only when baby is doing the rhythmic, purposeful nutritive suckling, and not the light, fluttery comfort suckling. When a baby comfort-sucks, the milk flow is very slow or sometimes stops altogether.

    If a baby is hungry and nurses properly, she will get fed regardless of how empty the breast feels. It may take more time and effort than she likes, but she will get fed. And the intense suckling will stimulate the breast to make more milk. Now, if you short-circuit this feedback system by offering bottles whenever the baby seems excessively hungry/fussy, there's a chance that baby won't learn how to work for a meal and will just start demanding bottles whenever the milk isn't super easy to get at.

    I really think the thing to focus on here is not the empty feeling, not the baby's willingness to take a bottle, not the fussiness, but the fact that your baby is having more than adequate diaper output. If it comes out, it had to go in!
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