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Thread: will take only one side

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    Default will take only one side

    I do not know what to do, my little girl will not eat from my right breast.
    is it ok to keep feeding her on one side and pump the other one? the left one is already bigger than the right breast, is this the only disadvantage? my daughter is 14 days old, do you think she will take the other side once she grows up?

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    Default Re: will take only one side

    Some babies have a preference... What is she doing when you try to latch her to the right breast? I will def. pump if she is not latching, but try and work on getting her to latch.
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    As long as baby is having adequate diaper output, there's no harm in having her nurse from only one breast. Not to her, anyway- you might end up lopsided if you don't find a way to remove milk from the unused breast. Pumping will do the job, but it's a pain to pump in addition to nursing. So it makes sense to keep on offering the less-preferred side, in the hope that baby will decide to try it and like it.

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    At the beginning I had one nipple that was flatter/more inverted than the other and I think that side also let down differently, so my baby didn't want to latch on, so I ended up being a little lopsided for a while. At the time I was hand-expressing to keep the supply on that side from dwindling, but after a while we got to where he would take it, which helped pull out the nipple and also bring the supply up. I tended to offer the more difficult side when he was asleep or very calm, and played with different positions because it seemed like another thing was that he preferred lying on one side.
    Honestly side-lying and laid-back positioning were huge lifesavers for me, so if you get a chance to practice those it may help a bit. And try to offer the less preferred breast in a calm and low-pressure way until she gets the hang of it.
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    my oldest did this-refused/had great difficulty with one side-as well in the early days. I had various issues, -flat nipple's engorged, baby had small mouth etc.

    While it is literally possible to nourish a baby with one breast, and it may improve just with time, I would suggest doing all you can to figure out what the problem is and get baby nursing on both sides as quickly as you can, for many reasons. it is early days yet, I suspect this is solvable if you can be proactive (not frantic) about it and/or get hands on help if possible. Changing up positioning as sugested above may well do the trick, and maybe try some ideas in this article: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Meanwhile pumping to keep that breast stimlulated and producing is probably a good idea. Remember to not judge milk supply by how much you pump, babies are more effective at milk extraction than are pumps.

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    when I put her to nurse on the right side she is trying to latch on but seems like my nipple is too big and flatter than the other one, she sucks couple times and then pulls on it and tries to re-latch - it is painful for me and she gets frustrated (

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    I have tried everything I could and seems like it has not helped much, I am going to just stop trying to give her that side until it heals and then start over again... I love my baby and i know she is getting enough to eat ...
    thanks to all who replied !

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