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    My daughter is almost 8 months now and still will not hardly eat baby food. She is growing good and gaining good and meeting all of her milestones. Will she ever start eating solids?
    Mom to Kaleb born 7/24/08......clueless about BF and began to supplement. Supply was gone at 8 weeks.

    Sarah Beth born 11/29/11.....found this forum(lifesaver) and glad to say she has only had BM since day 1 and we are still going strong!

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    Nope, she's going to be 10 years old and still meeting all her nutritional needs by breastfeeding... Just kidding!

    Don't worry. Eventually she will start eating solids. The thing is that at 8 months, a baby who is breastfed on demand doesn't need solids. They don't become nutritionally necessary until around the first birthday, and many babies don't transition to eating a majority solids diet until somewhere around the midpoint of their second year.

    I know it's hard not to stress when your baby isn't chowing down on solids the way you expect, but having no interest in solids at 8 months is very normal. Neither one of my girls ate much solid food until around 14-15 months. Just place a variety of healthy solids in front of your baby and let her experiment with getting them into her own mouth. Eventually she will get into the idea of actually eating, but she may go through a long phase of just tasting and touching and playing with her solids before she decides to actually swallow any.

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    We started DD1 on solids at exactly 6mo, we did what we were "supposed" to do, she was so not interested in solids I got upset and stopped worrying. Eventually, when she was over 12 mo she started to be more interested. When DD2 was born I decided to just nurse until I saw any sign of her being interested in food. At around 8 mo I would put some food, not baby food, just pieces of our food on her tray. It was fascinating to see her play with the food and eventually eat it. A few months into that I learned about BLS (baby led solids) and I have been doing that with DD3 since she was ready.
    Both, DD2 and DD3 LOVED to eat since the beginning whereas DD1 didn't.
    If you haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend doing it

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    Our 6 month old is just trying foods. We do a little bit everyday, just for her to experiment with the tastes and textures. As people have said before, BM has more nutrition than any solids at this point, so if she's not that interested, then don't stress! Wait a few days or a week and try again. Obviously you can do w/e is best for you, but we did not buy any jarred food since our DD isn't on a regiment and it's cheaper to just buy apples that we eat, and then bake then and puree them ourselves. It works great ) Good luck and don't stress!

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