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Thread: Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

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    Default Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

    I have a 2.5 and 1.5 year old that both had the same problem as soon as we came home from the hospital. After giving birth vaginal they both breastfed exclusively at the hospital with no problems but once we were released 3 days later they both at night screamed at the top of their lungs and acted like they just would not get enough breast milk. We didn't know what to do so with both children we gave in and gave formula and immediately they fell asleep and were happy and content. What did I do wrong? Is it normal for that to happen? Unfortunately with both I had to stop breastfeeding at 6 weeks because they supplemented and they liked the bottle and formula more than my milk. I hear of moms exclusively breastfeeding and I do not want to have to supplement with my baby that is due in December 2012. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

    It is *totally* normal.

    This article is about Baby's Second Night and the nonstop nursing, but it absolutely applies to any of those early days. Baby will want to nurse frequently for comfort and to help bring in your milk.

    The best thing for you to do this time around?
    -Keep the formula out of the house so you will not be tempted to use it. Doing so will lessen the amount of milk you make. It is a vicious cycle, sadly.
    -Nurse, nurse, nurse!
    -Lots of skin-to-skin contact. This is soothing for you and baby and facilitates frequent nursing.
    -Wear your baby. This makes skin-to-skin time easy and keeps baby close to your chest- just where he/she wants to be (This is also helpful since you have older kiddoes to take care of too.)

    You can do it this time, mama!!!
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    Default Re: Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

    The first 2-3 days babies are usually very sleepy and still adjusting to the outside world. Most babies are born with their internal clock backwards...sleep during the day and awake at night. Both my boys will get very fussy in the evenings, where I had to be switching sides constantly until let down happened and they calmed down (lasted a few weeks). The most important thing is to breastfeed on demand and/or every 2 hours, especially the very first weeks. What really helped me this time around was having my 2 year old in day care during the day. I asked my family and friends to not come to the hospital,as I was having a repeat C/S and knew I needed time for my recovery, only my mom, husband and kids came to see me and only for short periods, Once I was home, I asked that if anyone wanted to visit, I would expect them to help me with laundry, cleaning house, cooking meals, and driving my son to day care or taking him out to the park for a while, so that I could rest and care for my new baby. Needless to say, the only person that showed up EVERYDAY and did EVERYTHING I asked for was my MOM! I do have to say that I miss that pampering My mom took care of everything in my house (husband had to go back to work after a week) and it allowed me to feed my baby on demand and NAP when baby napped. By the time my 2 year old came from day care, I was in a better mood and able to spend time with him, while my husband helped me with the baby (bath, diaper change). This allowed for me to tolerate those sleepless nights and those long evenings. I did not lave the house for 6 weeks; except to the doctors appointments for both baby and I. You will be able to succeed, but you need to surround yourself with people that will support you and help you. This forums are AWESOME and have helped me with breastfeeding my last 2 babies. I want to add that I had to go back to work full time 10 weeks after having my baby, and I am still BF! I commend you for wanting to succeed this time around and you are having a great start by reaching out for advice.
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    Default Re: Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

    there was a similar ? a few days ago. here is the thread: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...d-the-1st-week

    oh wait oops that was your post! Did you have a question that was not being answered?

    oh and a really agree with pp. try to have as much help set up as possible before hand esp. for care for your other kids. Think of the first two weeks as a 'babymoon.'

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