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Thread: Possible dumb question :)

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    Default Possible dumb question :)

    When I'm told to nurse my baby every two hours, does that mean 2 hours from the start of a feeding or 2 hours from when she's finished with the last feed and her belly is full?

    She's 6 weeks old and starting to space her feedings apart more. Not sure how "baby led" I should be in this area as I have a slow gainer. But, she is sleeping more and I don't want to wake her up too often if I don't have to!

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    There are no dumb questions.

    When someone says: "my baby nurses every 2 hours" that means the second session starts 2 hours after the first session started - so theoretically if your baby is nursing every 2 hours there may only be one hour in between, ya know?

    Typically, nursing on demand is the way to go (following their lead and watching for early hunger signs), but there is no way to overfeed a breastfed baby, so offering every two hours wont hurt

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    Agree with pp. I just wanted to add that generally it's not recommended to leave a newborn for more than 4 hours between feeds (I live in France so not sure what USA recommendations are for this - the other lll ladies will chime in, I'm sure). So if your LO wants to sleep a bit longer that's fine, but as pp said, there's also nothing negative with continuing the 2hr pattern.


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    Default Re: Possible dumb question :)

    Yes, every two hours is from the start of the previous feeding. As baby grows they learn to suck more effectively and maybe that she doesn't have to nurse every 2 hours at this point. As pp said, look for signs of hunger and early cues, but if she wants to sleep and feed every 3 hours, then I would let her, as long as output is good and wt gain is happening even if it slow gain. My previous son ate every 2 hours until he was 12 months and was in the 10th percentile of wt until 9 months. My current son, ate every 3-4 hours since birth and is in the 90th percentile of wt, plus he stays at my breast less than my previous one. So what i am trying to say here is: every baby is different, there is no wrong or right, as long as they are growing and out put is adequate, so just go with the flow
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    No dumb questions here!! PP's explained the rule of the "every 2 hours", letting baby sleep longer at night may be ok IF baby begins to gain well (ie-wake often during the day but let baby sleep 3-4 hours at night with one longer stretch if baby is having one).
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    You could look at number of nursing sessions in 24 hours rather than the amount of time between feedings-- as long as she's nursing at least 8-10 times every 24 hours (if she's gaining slowly you probably want to aim for the high end of that range), you can be a bit more flexible about how the feedings are spaced.

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