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    Hi all! This is my first post, but I've been following the forums for a couple months. I'm hoping to get some advice about sporadic bottle feeding. DS is 14 weeks today, and he's EBF. We don't give him a pacifier, and he's never had a bottle. We had some trouble starting out (nipple shield, shallow latch after we weaned from the shield, mastitis, slow weight gain, etc.), so I've been VERY hesitant to even consider a bottle now that we've really hit our stride.

    I mostly work from home, and I only have to be away from the baby for an hour or two at a time at most. However, I have a few evening plans coming up, and DS usually cluster feeds from 6-8 p.m. I'm worried about leaving him with my mom to babysit when I know he'll want to eat, even if I'm only gone two hours. Should I introduce a bottle prior to my upcoming evenings out? Should I be concerned about anything if DS gets the very occasional bottle (less than once a week)? And I'm going to a concert, which will most likely be about 3.5 hours. Do I need to find a place to pump if it's a one time thing?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    I would pump before you go to the concert, and then when you get home if he's asleep and you're feeling engorged. As for the bottle... is there a time of day that he is in a really good mood? Could your mom come over and test drive the bottle? I guess I wouldn't worry overly much about it... even if he doesn't take the bottle and is grumpy the whole time you are out, you will only be gone two hours and he can nurse again when you get home.

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    agree with pp... For the concert...I would advice you take your pump with you, just in case it takes you longer to get home and/or your uncomfortable, then you can pump in the car. As for the occasional bottle...I started to leave my son a few times to run errands and he did fine while I was gone, did not need to eat those 2- 3 hours I was gone. Just make sure you feed him before and be ready to feed him when you get back home. Leave some milk behind (2-3 oz) in the freezer, not the fridge, so if they don't have to use it, it won't go to waste.
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