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Thread: How many has tried this baby lead weaning/solid?

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    Default How many has tried this baby lead weaning/solid?

    After 3 kids I am just learning this about this baby led weaning/solids thing, from references in some of the threads here! My first son took to solids at 4 months, (cereal, puree foods) like a pro, and loves to eat to this day! My second son, wouldn't eat till he was a year and half, even though I introduced them at 6 months and I think only then cause I semi weaned him, cause he wouldn't anything, but breastmilk, and as much as I love nursing my babies, he was extremely anemic and loosing weight, but he had to at least start eating some meat and veggies to get some all natural iron. With my daughter, I didn't want to start her as early but neither as late as my son.... I don't want to run into the same problems I had with my second child, so at 5 months I tried to introduce just some baby cereal. She loved to watch us eat, and seemed eager. She took to eating it well for a few days, and from then on,has no interest. I don't want to force her to eat, and the concept of baby led seems about right, but what kind of foods do you start with, I am so scared they will choke! Do they take to eating well after exploring and becoming accustomed?

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    Default Re: How many has tried this baby lead weaning/solid?

    I tried to give both of my girls purees at 6 months. Neither of them would eat them, so in a sense, they did the baby lead thing on their own - since we did not shove the food into their mouths if they didn't want it. Both of them eat food and a large variety of foods. We do not cook them anything other than what we eat.

    Banana is a good first food. So is avocado, although that can be hard for them to pick up. If you search online for baby led weaning, you will find info on what things to give.

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    Default Re: How many has tried this baby lead weaning/solid?

    Totally one of the best choices we ever made. We just fed food from the table and it was soo easy - no grinding things up, etc. We WERE somewhat selective in what we gave her (paid attention to choking hazard), but definitely did not ever give her any baby food, either bought or homemade, and let her choose what to put in her mouth. I agree, avocado can be great, but is also very slippery, so can be hard for them to pick up. We also didn't worry nearly as much about introducing different foods slowly as with our older child since the evidence seems to be shifting toward thinking that withholding foods can contribute to allergies.

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    Default Re: How many has tried this baby lead weaning/solid?

    We're doing BLS and no choking here. Lots of gagging at first, which can be scary, but it's actually normal and the way that babies keep from choking by moving food back to the front of the mouth. It's pretty fun, and much less messy (I imagine) than purees, because when a quarter of a peeled apple hits the floor, you can just pick it up. Around here, we love beans, banana, green beans, pasta, sweet potato, avocado, and trying to steal mommy's food, which I typically share unless it's something like peanut butter or super spicy, etc, because we're just not quite there yet.
    I particularly like this page, it's concise but thorough: http://www.rapleyweaning.com/assets/blw_guidelines.pdf
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