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Thread: Returning to infertility

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    So I know this is a strange question but here's the background.
    I weened from night time feedings both mf my first two daughters at 9 months. Soon thereafter I returned to fertility and concieved within two months.
    With my third daughter I did not ween from night time feeding but feed her on demand until we were visiting my inlaws around her first birthday. At that time I cut back to only one or two feedings a night and then with the advent of a antibiotic I had to almost completly ween her.
    Now I'm back to breastfeeding on demand, but not night time feedings. And about two weeks after the ceacation of night time feedings my period has returned.
    My curiosity is this. Has anyone stopped their cycles after returning to on demand feedings? Or now that it's started back up is it going to continue no matter what?

    I've been enjoying sleeping at night and having a period atleast tells me if I'm pregnant or not, but I'm ok letting this one be the baby a little bit longer and I really don't like periods.

    Thankyou for what feed back you can give.

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    i think once it starts its back for good. but it can be irregular (short or long cycles) when it starts up again so it may seem like it has gone away for a month or two. that's what happened to me. I started charting since it was so irregular, but it did even out after about 4-6 months.
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    Default Re: Returning to infertility

    Generally once mama starts cycling, she's going to continue cycling even if she starts feeding her baby more often and starts feeding at night again. But I think that there are some women whose cycles vanish when they increase feeding frequency.

    I think that if you want to use breastfeeding to encourage your cycle to go back to being on vacation, you'd need to pick up some nighttime feedings. High levels of the milk-making hormone prolactin are what lower your estrogen production and help prevent ovulation. Prolactin gets pumped out when the baby nurses. When the baby doesn't nurse, prolactin levels drop. So no night-nursing = long period of low prolactin = long period of higher estrogen = increased likelihood of having a cycle.

    Even if you did pick up nighttime nursing sessions, I think it's unlikely that your period would go away. Sorry!

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    I've heard of it, but only for a momwho starts feeding and pumping like a newborn, which is every 1-2 hours around the clock. Most babies that age won't do that.
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