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Thread: What bottles worked best for your baby?

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    Default What bottles worked best for your baby?

    Hello everyone! I have a question for you all. I will be returning to nursing school in the fall and will need to give my 6 month DD a bottle (with breastmilk) while I am gone during the day once a week. I have already starting training her on it, but I am having a hard time getting her to take a bottle. I have already tried a couple brands to no avail. What kind of bottles worked best for your baby, which ones did they take really well? Thanks!

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    Its really trial and error. My DS1 would take anything, we used the bottles that came with the PISA. My DS2 was a nightmare and we had to try a million! We ended up with the BREASTFLOW bottles.
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    We have always used the cheapest possible bottles with low-flow newborn nipples. Like Evenflo. Strangely, my babies have taken these better than the fancier options (wish I hadn't spent the money on them!).

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