Not knowing any better, I put my first child on a feeding schedule. Even though she was not gaining weight (didn't regain her birth weight for 3 wks) like she should the peds office kept telling me to nurse her every 3 hours and then supplement with formula. No one told me about nipple confusion or ever suggested nursing her more frequently! That BF relationship only lasted until she was 3 mos. This time, I took a breastfeeding class offered at the hospital and when I was having sore nipples last fall I immediately called my local LLL. I am ignoring the clock and feeding this child on her own internal schedule and she is growing like a weed! At her one month checkup she had gone from a birth weight of 7 lbs 3 oz to 9 lbs. My (new) ped was amazed and asked how often she ate-my reply was-"Whenever she's awake, she's eating". I told her we had thrown out schedules and we're going with the flow and letting baby set the pace and she was thrilled.

Anyhow, now that baby is 5 mos she has a pretty ordinary schedule but it's not like I look at the clock or anything. She tends to eat every time she wakes up, whether it be first thing in the morning (after sleeping 9 hours) or after a 30 mins nap. She also eats before she goes to sleep... if she's fussy... if she's happy... if the sky is blue (LOL). And of course my kids have this great radar, if my recently potty-trained 3 yr old is going to poop on the potty it's always 5 mins after the baby starts eating... nothing like trying to nurse and assist in wiping at the same time!