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Thread: Pumping exclussively and need help!

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    Default Pumping exclussively and need help!

    LO is 2 1/2 weeks old and I have not succesfully breastfeed at all yet. After lots of frustrating sessions with nurses and LCs in the hospital, all that we gained was a really upset baby and a sad mommy. My nipples were too flat for baby to keep her latch. She would latch correctly and suck once or twice and then lose it. They had me begin pumping and "finger feeding" my daughter in the hospital with a small tube taped to my finger in the hopes that she would get stronger and eventually be able to latch on my breast. This didn't happen. We also tried using a shield and there was no success then either. I was sent home with the instruction to keep finger feeding but as baby started eating more and more at each feeding, the syringe and tube no longer made any sense to me (baby just got more upset ever time I had to refill it AND she still wasnt latching to my breast when we tried at home). I eventually listened to my new mommy instinct and bought bottles so that she could get a full feeding of breastmilk at a time. She still has only had breastmilk, no formula but it's obviously a lot more work to pump and then feed vs being able to have her breastfeed (especially at night). Any tips on getting her over to the breast at this point? Or is all hope lost due to my flat nipples? If I am doomed to pump forever, then how do I make sure my production keeps up with what LO needs to eat? How much should she be eating now and when that increases, how can I make sure I keep up?

    In the hospital, they told me my breastmilk would keep at room temp for up to 8 hours so I have not been refrigerating it at all so that I didn't have to reheat the bottles for her and to make it easier at night feedings but if someone could confirm this for me, I would rather get a second opinion.

    Also, more and more over the last few days baby is fussing and crying after eating. Seems to be due to gas and having push really hard to poop. Is this normal? She is not a fussy baby at all so when she does cry, I worry.

    Sorry for the million questions, I just really need help I can trust. I got a lot of conflicting information at the hospital and in my post partum follow up appt and really didn't trust any of them as a result. I just want to make sure my baby gets what she needs. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Pumping exclussively and need help!

    Well my experience was very similar. My LO couldn't latch onto my somewhat flat nipples, and for the first 5 weeks I had to pump. After that I finally got him to latch with a shield, which he couldn't do before 5 weeks. After 11 weeks, I finally weaned him from that.

    Don't worry too much about whether or not you'll be able to pump enough for her. Just pump every 2-3 hours, without going longer than 5 hours between (at least that's what I read in "Breastfeeding Made Simple." Great book!). That's what I did, and although I was constantly strressing about being able to pump enough, my supply increased as his needs did. Eventually, as your supply increases, it may be wise to keep a little extra frozen milk. Not much; even a few ounces was a lifesaver for me when I fell asleep when I actually needed to pump, and my LO woke up without a fresh bottle ready!

    I've read that your milk should be fine at room temp under very clean conditions for 6-8 hours. So just wash or sanitize your hands before pumping, keep it in a closed bottle, etc. If I ever wasn't sure how long I'd have some milk out, I'd put it in the fridge, then take it out an hour or so before I thought he's need it, so it had time to warm up. But remember, milk doesn't necessarily have to be warm - most babies just prefer it.

    Don't worry, I thought I was doomed to pump forever, so I prepareed myself to face that reality. Maybe it'll take your LO longer than it did mine, but eventually, I'm sure she'll be able to figure it out.

    I'm not sure about the fussiness, but it sounds like it probably is just gas, which is perfectly normal!

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    Default Re: Pumping exclussively and need help!


    I had inverted nippes when my first was born. I was told I would never succuessfully breastfeed him, I hung in there as he grew, I did use a nipple shield to help him latch, and I did breastfeed him..for 2 years. Don't give up! It can't be done!

    http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ on how to get her back to the breast. You are going to have to find an alternative to bottles. Sounds like she has a major case of nipple preference going on

    I EPed for 18+ months for my fourth child, and it gets harder as they age. Not just supply, but finding time to pump. It gets to be a serious drag when baby wants to be held and you need to pump. I found it very limiting and got in the way Of my parenting style.

    I'd work super hard now to ditch the pump and nurse instead. You must pump with a hospital grade pump for 120 minutes every 24 hours, broken into 8-12 sessions, for at least 12 weeks before backing down. It is really hard! It is way more exhausting than nursing becomes.
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