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Thread: Possible Thrush?

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    Default Possible Thrush?

    Hi just a quick question. Is it possible to have thrush with no other symptoms than a slight itching? I have no pain, my breasts aren't red/hot and I can't see any signs on DD.... However, when I nurse my breasts have been a bit itchy although not enough to disturb nursing.

    Thanks for any help/advice.

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    Default Re: Possible Thrush?

    Yes, you could definitely have a mild case of thrush (although it could just be skin dryness, too). If you're not in pain, I might just suggest treating you and your baby with some probiotics? Avoid using ointments that create a moisture barrier on your nipples and keep your nipples dry for a couple of day (change out breast pads frequently and avoid pads with plastic backing). You can also rinse your nipples in vinegar occasionally. All of these measures will make your nipples a less desirable place for yeast to colonize, but won't hurt you if in fact this is NOT thrush.

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