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Thread: Thrush? Growth Spurt? Help!

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    Update: I was prescribed APNO by my physician - and I noticed almost after the first dose that the itching and pain minimized. In saying this I noticed that things were not getting 100% cured. I started yesterday the GSE treatment (pills and liquid on the nipples) and I am already seeing pain minimizing. I am wondering though if I am still seeing redness around my nipples if I still have thrush?

    Is there an easy way to know that I am "cured?" Also when will I be able to pump again and be able to freeze milk? I am not in a hurry to do this - but if I do end up pumping I am wanting to know if I am able to save it (versus having to pour it out which is hard when it feels like it is liquid gold!)

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    I think you're supposed to treat for two weeks. You'll probably feel totally cured before then, but keep it up anyway. After that, you don't need to worry about pumping. Meanwhile, you don't have to toss, but you shouldn't save the milk by freezing for later. You can feed it to your baby immediately.

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