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Thread: Lip tied 1week old!

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    Exclamation Lip tied 1week old!

    Hello! My DD is a week old as of yesterday, she has a fairly severe lip tie and has trouble flanging out her lip properly for a truly good latch. She gets frustrated fairly quickly at the breast and stops nursing quickly most times. She is too young to get clipped at the moment, but we hope to get it done ASAP. In the meantime, do any of you have advice for helping her to get a more satisfactory feed/ making it more comfortable for her/ making sure she gets "enough"? Any and all help greatly appreciated!

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    My son has a pretty thick lip tie and was never really able to flange his top lip out like it's "supposed" to look like. I actually find it more comfortable when he tucks it in. One thing that really worked for us was laid-back positioning which I was initially doing for different reasons, but it really seemed to allow him to work around the lip tie, and hurt me less, too. I have a pretty forceful letdown so I never had to worry about transferal, but perhaps breast compressions while nursing would help. You can be sure she's getting enough if she has adequate wet and dirty diapers for her age and gaining weight well.
    Good luck with the clip!(we never got it done and are doing great at 9 mo, but if I'd known, I bet it would have helped)

    eta link to getting enough: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/ for more check the "resources for common concerns", on this forum.
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    I was looking for a good place to post my sisters story. She has a little girl a month old at first she was doing well breastfeeding. I am an IBCLC and noticed to lip tie right away but at first it didn't seem to affect my sis. Then she got really sore nipples. I came a did a pre and post weight at 2 weeks of age and noted infant had not gained any weight (wasn't back to birth weight or even close) and after an hour of nursing only gained 1/2 an ounce. My sis was so upset but I explained we needed to get LO fed and figure out the breastfeeding my sis started mostly pumping occasionally offering breasts but it was obvious LO was not transfering at breast. I could never see or feel a tongue tie but they are common with lip ties and the infant could not move her tongue well. We took her to a local ENT who would do nothing. My sis was in tears. I tried to be supportive without being pushing letting her know of her options. We did a CST visit. And I found the name of the ped who used a laser for lip ties but it was a 3 hour drive. My sis went the PED was great and even found a significant tongue tie. Now her infant is back to exclusively breastfeeding. Hopefully you situation isn't as severe but I wanted others to know there it help out there.

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    Is she getting bottles at this point?

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