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Thread: A question on lipase

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    Default A question on lipase

    So my LO will be 11 weeks on Saturday and with the exception of a few hiccups we've been doing great breastfeeding. Her daddy gives her breast milk bottles when I'm at work, 3 days a week. She's hitting milestones and her last dr. App. 2 weeks ago she was 10.15lb and grew 3inches. They are very happy with my "mommas milk". But today I noticed that the milk I had pumped while I was at work, 4.5 oz on my first session, in 30 min. Smelt of lipase. Or what I'm guessing is such. My milk has never really sat in the fridge longer than 2 days and in the freezer maybe 2 weeks tops. I take every precaution in pumping saftly for my DD. but this concerns me. Is it stress? Diet? Lack of sleep? Am I not cleaning something properly? I didn't refridgerate it right away but it only sat in my office for 2 hours tops, and it's cold at my job. My milk has never done this. I don't know if it's in my head either but I swear I can smell it while she's eating. I usually even pump 3 or 4 oz. in the morning before I leave for work, and we don't refrigerate that either, I leave it on the counter, she drinks it within 2 hours and from what I've read this is ok. But why now? How do I fix this? Please let it be easy.

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    Lipase happens. You can't control it. And don't worry about it. Is supposed to be there. It helps her digest milk. It is completely safe. If she takes it, don't worry about it. If she won't, we have a thread in the pumping section about lipase. But don't try to fix what aint broke
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