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Thread: Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

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    Default Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

    Hi there. About a month ago I was posting about some concerns with my then 12 week old. Just to follow up, it seemed as though he had a "virus" with symptoms of a low grade fever, general puny-ness, a little congestion and diarrhea/very frequent green stools. Long story short, I ended up taking him to the Ped. 5 times in all- it was a rough few weeks. I could not understand why he would seem better after a few days, then start the cycle all over again. We even did blood work to rule out other concerns, luckily it all came back normal. And same goes for a stool sample. Talk about jumping through hoops to get that! LOL It actually took 3 tries to get a successful sample... my Husband and I both either dropped the little container or THREW it accidentally, trying to be careful of course. And I also was very guilt ridden, wondering why he had even 'caught' a virus in the first place? It seemed like a rough few weeks, wandering, waiting, and especially when you seen your sweet babe not feeling his normal self. UGH! Well, I think that he is TEETHING now, actually Im sure of it. Seemed like he was also displaying teething behavior even during the "virus" so I'm wondering if that could have extended the symptoms- or just kept it going. He is hardcore going to town on some teething rings, gnawing on anything he can get his hands on and drooling like mad. And talk about sleeping, there is no sleeping going on with him, poor guy. He seems to be restless all night long, waking and frequently nursing, actuall the past few nights, almost constant nursing. We co-sleep so thats not a prob. I am actually ridiculously sleep deprived, but Im just hoping to hear some others with similar experience and To let me know that this is normal and a phase.I did search some teething threads but didnt get exactly what I was looking for. Sorry so long and wandering, thanks in advance for all comments!


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    Default Re: Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

    Germs happen. Let it go. Getting sick is actually good for their immune system.

    Teething is inevitable. And it often coincides with the 4 month old change in sleep habits.

    If you don't already, try baby wearing during the day. Talk to your ped about medications for teething, and we fou d coupling those with teething remedies helped a bit. But some babies do take it hard...my third was fussy for months and months from teeth.
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    Default Re: Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

    Thanks Susan!
    You're right though. Babies do get sick. I just gotta go with the flow. IT was just so weird when the Ped would say, "it's only gonna last a week, and then another week...etc"

    Yes! We rock and roll in the Bjorn, or Moby. I really wanted an Ergo, heard so much about it, and my SIL was going to give me hers. so we'll see....

    What about the 4 month sleep changes??? I would love to know more about this. I feel like I am having to defend Nursing him through the night.. its silly. A friend of mine recently was bragging her 5 mo. old baby was sleeping through the night no probs- he is ff. She is also giving him rice cereal at night. Also starting him on veggies and fruits- all of which was recommended by her Ped. ! Yes, I am tired most of the time. I do wish I could get more sleep though.. but I just keep telling myself its temporary. Right?

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    Default Re: Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

    ha ha hello there - why yes - sounds so very similar doesn't it!
    My LO seriously, chewing on everything she can find ... she's had green poop as well actually - and yep as you know - constant feeding.
    So hey - all in all I think normal!
    They say that low grade fever happens sometimes with teething = could be that?
    I don't know if it's proven or not but my sister told me just yesterday that when her now 11 year old was teething he would have vomiting and a fever - with almost every tooth! So I'm sure everyone is different.

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    Default Re: Update/Teething/Night waking- 15 weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommylove View Post
    What about the 4 month sleep changes??? I would love to know more about this. I feel like I am having to defend Nursing him through the night..
    For whatever reason, at around 4 months many babies start to change their sleep habits. Babies that slept through begin to wake at night. Babies who used to wake 1-2 times a night suddenly start waking 5-6 times a night. Babies who never slept through suddenly start sleeping through- and then just as rapidly stop! I don't think anyone is sure why this happens- perhaps pre-teething, perhaps a developmental stage? But whatever the source of the sleep disruptions, they are real, common, and will not last forever. However, they may continue for a long time, so I suggest taking a look at Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic look at infant sleep and some helpful tips on getting a baby to sleep longer and more independently.

    Don't feel like you have to defend night-nursing. Just be proud that you are a responsive parent, and when confronted with unwanted advice, feel free to use "I'm so glad that works for your family, but I don't think it's right for me."

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