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Thread: First night away from 9 month old

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    Default First night away from 9 month old

    I jut wanted to share with you sympathetic mamas...

    I have never spent the night away from my DD who nurses and takes EBM at day care while I work. Every night since she was born, she has nursed to sleep and anytime she wants at night. We're only recently making a mutual transition away from co-sleeping (she sleeps better in her own crib lately). And the first thing she has done every morning since birth is nurse in my arms.

    She does great at her small in-home daycare. She'll be with her former nanny all day sauturday and Sunday including overnight Saturday. She loves her nanny and is generally really happy and independent. I have enough milk stored and will pump while I'm gone to replace my stash.

    I feel so conflicted. I'm looking forward to the time away (fishing with hubby) but guilty for leaving DD for the only 2 days a week I get with her!

    She's ready but I'm not sure I am!

    Not really a question but I'd love to hear other mommies tips or memories of that first night away.

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    Default Re: First night away from 9 month old

    my first night away was at 6 months, for a job interview. DS stayed with his dad. they did better than i expected - but it was hard being away! and getting up in the middle of the night to pump was no fun at all. i can't say that it was a fun exciting time away for me, but it was manageable for everyone. i'm not sure that even now at 14 months i'd do a night away for fun.
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