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Thread: Twins - supply question

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    I have infant twin boys (adjusted age 4 months one week - 6 week early). From the beginning only one was able to latch and nurse, but due strength and weight gain issues, was also given supplement bottle of expressed milk - although now after a few months of steady growth is strictly nursing. My other son never really figured out nursing. Lots of trying - appts with LCs and pediatrician - just a "preemie quirk". After much trying and practice, he finally latched on and transferred milk this past week. I am now trying to nurse him exclusively during the day and he still gets bottles of pumped milk at night.

    Question - in the past, I nursed my one son from both sides and then about 30 minutes later pumped for my other son (crazy schedule - but we made it work). Now that I am nursing them each from one side, how long before my supply evens out? I am also hospital grade pumping directly after nursing to provide more stimulation and hopefully retrain my body. (Fenugreek is not an option for me - I had a bad reaction to it)

    My exclusive nursing son seems a little mad that he can't nurse from both sides, so I offer the breast to him more often. My other son isn't fabulous at nursing yet, but he is improving and seem satisfied. Their diapers are still wet 8+/day (although not completely soaked each time like before). The goal is to eventually stop pumping and stop giving bottles in the evening.

    So sorry this is incredibly long. Does anyone have any insight. I have left a few messages with a couple LCs, but never heard back, so I came here to see if anyone had info.

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    Wow, kudos to you for making such amazing progress! Getting both boys to nurse, and doing so much pumping- you should feel like SUPERMOM!

    The "when" questions are some of the hardest to answer with breastfeeding, because the answer differs so much from woman to woman. For moms with responsive milk supplies, just a few days of nursing and pumping would be enough to get their supplies to match demand. For women who are slower to respond, it could take longer. Maybe even a few weeks?

    A lot depends on what your babies are willing to do. If they are nursing well and frequently, then they're going to bring your supply up fast. Any pumping you do after feedings will help, too. But again, it's just impossible to give you a firm answer about how long it's going to take to ditch the bottles and the pump. Though since your boys are managing to have sufficient wet diapers while you're transitioning, I think you have to be close to your goal.

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    great advice from mommal.

    just wanted to say reading your post made me have a huge grin. you are doing such a great job. wow mama

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    Thanks for the encouragement and great advice, I really appreciate it! I was able to talk to an LC as well. She suggested only pumping when one son doesn't nurse, so I am now just pumping in the night and if my new nurser doesn't nurse during the day. She also recommended to give my new nurser a few weeks to adjust before removing bottles at night. My supply just started to seem to even out after about a week of this. Becoming bottle and pumping free seems to be more and more attainable

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