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Thread: Boobs after weaning

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    I also feel like I look heavier with larger boobs. Of course right now, four weeks postpartum, I look heavier because I AM heavier. Anyway.

    My breasts started to shrink back to something closer approximating my normal size when I stopped nursing Joe as much around a year. I also pump weaned around that time. I'd say that by the time he was 2 yo, they were pretty much "normal."

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    I know this is an older thread, but just thought I'd add my experience. I was a 34D before pregnancy. At the height of newborn nursing, with an oversupply issue, I was a 36I. Yes, "I." I tried on a J that worked when I was really full, but would probably be a bit puckery after feeding, just got an "I" with some stretch. I had ginorma boobs for most of the first year. It really wasn't until DS turned two that I was really back down to "able to purchase at a normal store" size. I'm way down to 36DD at this point. But my gals are pointing south. It's like only the lower half deflated. I agree that "sad" is the word. I had no stretch marks during pregnancy, I'm 38.
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