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Thread: Biting and latching on/off

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    My LO is 4 months Old and just recently started pulling off the breast after about 5 minutes. Sometimes she gets fussy and latches on/ off continuously. She just started to bite down too which REALLY hurts. What's going on and how can I help her ?

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    My 4.5 month old starting doing that at about 3 months. Everyone told me that the teething process was starting. I have to sing constantly to my son to distract him and/or walk around nursing him. I have no solutions yet for the biting, which my son also does. flicking the cheek doesn't even work; maybe I'm not flicking hard enough. And when I say "no biting that hurts mommy" he just smiles and giggles. Some other posts recommended ending session for a couple minutes and trying again to help them see that if they do that no milk at all. I'll be looking back as I'm interested to see what others say for help tips. You're not alone! This is getting really frustrating and making me want to only pump and bottle feed.

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    Maybe it's fun to see what you do.

    I tend to end the session when they bite. Latching on and off, I usually get up and see if distraction will stop, because he is bored, or if he decides then that he does want to eat after all.
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    My daughter does the same and she's 4 months old. Usually when she bit me she was out of milk and trying to get more so I switched sides. With the latching on and off it was usually distraction so I'd try and find a quieter, calmer place and try to calm down her environment or she would take almost an hour to eat otherwise. Sometimes just gently rubbing her head or cheek worked really well and she calmed and ate normally. Good luck!

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    My 3 MO started biting too. Hurts like hell, even though he doesn't have any teeth yet (I cringe to think what it will feel like when we start that fun adventure). I wonder if it's just another new sensation he's exploring? I read in "The Baby Book" by Dr Sears that if your baby bites you can try pulling him very close into the breast (counter-intuitively, since your instinct is to pull him off), so that his nose is covered, and he will let go with his mouth in order to breath, and eventually they will learn that they can't bite and breath and the same time while feeding. Haven't tried it yet though.

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