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Thread: Help! No let down!

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    Greetings ladies,
    I am in a bit of a panic here. My DS is 8 months old, and since I am a teacher, I have been able to nurse him directly over the summer. I have brought out the pump a couple times this week and am suddenly finding that I just never let down. I was pumping regularly and without major issues till the end of the school year. I just finished a 35 minute pumping session with only 1.5 oz to show for it. I tried warm compresses, massage, shaking my breasts, but I just am not having any let down. What do I do?

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    Keep at it. When a mom first starts pumping, it's normal to have higher output because milk supply peaks during early infancy. With older babies, milk supply is typically very well-matched to demand and there isn't as much extra milk to get out with the pump. That means you may need to pump more in order to get the same amount of milk.

    You may also want to get your pump tuned up, and to make sure your shield size hasn't changed.
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    When you start pumping, try to distract your mind by reading a book, magazine, checking email, thinking about your baby, etc. The more you sit and think about your let-down, the more stressed you will get, which will delay your let-down....
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    As a point of clarification, these pumping sessions are to replace a missed feeding. Right now, for example, I am pumping for the second time since he was at the sitter's today. He took 2 bottles, and I have come up with less than 2 oz between the 2 pumping sessions while he was there. Am starting to feel really really desperate and panicked. I have been reading, watching TV, surfing the internet, inhaling his clothes, and still nothing.

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    Try not to panic. It can take some time to readjust to the pump after a long break. I didn't pump at all last summer, and upon my return to work IIRC it took me at least a couple weeks to really get back to where I was before the break (although it got progressively better every day - so don't let that get you down).

    I had to add in some extra pumping sessions every day for a little while. It was a major drag, but once I got back into my routine after awhile I was able to stop the extra pumping.

    Make sure all of the membranes, valves, tubing, etc. on your pump are new. Do breast compressions. Make sure you are using the right size breast shields like mommal suggested, size can change over time. Play around with the settings on your pump. Also, do your best to relax as worknpump mentioned; I liked to watch movies on Netflix or put on music and surf the web or play a game on my iPad. I think stress was a major factor for me after the summer break. I was stressed about pumping again in addition to being stressed about going back to work. It's really difficult, but I had to find ways to take my mind off pumping and relax. Bake some lactation cookies and/or have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. That helped me a little bit too.

    Don't worry; you'll get back in the pumping groove. It might take a little time, but it will happen.
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    Keep practicing. Don't stress it. You have to relearn to letdown to the pump.
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