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Thread: advice wanted - slow weight gain

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    you have gotten lots of great info and suggestions here I would only add one thing I saw that you say that you Cue nurse which is great but you I never did not see how often baby actually nurses there is no reason to not attempt to increase the frequency of nursing sessions even a couple more nursing sessions a day with a baby the nurses this well would mean four more ounces per milk I day which could certainly help if you think about it. assuming there is any problem at all the problem is usually not enough milk certainly not skim milk and of course only rarely an underlying medical issue. Also I have heard of different scales making a difference of a half a pound or more in weight checks.

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    Agree with Meg re: trying to nurse more often. Some babies are just really laid back and don't 'cue' as often as they should to nurse. If you're concerned about her weight gain, it couldn't hurt to make a point of offering at a minimum every 2 hours during the day. Also, you mention she sleeps long stretches at night--as long as weight gain remains a concern, I would wake her after 4-5 hours at night for a feeding, or 2 hours during the day. It does sound as if she is otherwise doing very well, no evidence of problems with either milk supply or milk transfer, happy, meeting milestones, and that's all great but you want to get ahead of this weight gain issue before it gets any worse. I agree with PP's suggestions for weekly weight checks for awhile, too. I know how it is to worry about your baby's gain and how that makes you feel as a mama, I dealt with that for a little while while my son was a newborn too. Good luck and hang in there!

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    I wasn't planning to respond until I had a real update, but just thought I'd add how often she feeds. On the recommendation of the LC I've been tracking her nursing sessions (duration and frequency). I've been avoiding doing that unil now because it became a obsessive rabbit hole with my son and not really helpful. Anyway, I've tracked for 7 days now and she is eating 10 times a day for an average of 20 minutes. 10 sessions has been very consistent and the length varies pretty greatly, but averages to 20 minutes or so. I actually try to feed her way more often than that - I feel like she's turning me down all the time! Haha. I did not count sessions when she just nibbled for a minute or two, so I feel pretty confident about the results - I'm pretty sure she's eating enough.

    The ultrasound went fine last week - it was uneventful. Our appointment with the GI specialist is tomorrow and I'll post an update in a new thread.

    Thanks, all!
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    10 times a day for an average of 20 minutes is good. It sounds like her intake is fine, but looking at the average weekly gain for her weight history, it does seem to have been a bit low all along. Of course, I'm comparing against what's average -- below average doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem; not everybody can be right in the middle! Maybe she's just settling into the growth curve that's right for her. My DD was in the 90th percentile for length and 50th for weight when she was born, and over the first year she dropped to the 10th for both and has stayed there ever since.

    Either way, I hope you get some answers soon. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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    Hi! Well not much else I can add advice-wise. Seems like you've got it more or less sorted! Just wanted to add in my experience I had with DS as he, too, was a slow gainer (still is as at 4 yrs old he's only 34lbs). I'd did as you are doing, nurse on demand, but ended up so stressed out and exhausted that my supply suffered. I had a great pediatritian who was supportive - she noticed that DS was a very active, happy baby who peed and pooped as he should've and therefore wasn't too worried by his slow weight gain. She said as long as he was gaining that was good. However, I went into a clinic to get his weight checked and the nurse there was just horrible! Over 2 weeks he'd only gained about 3-4 oz and her comments were so hurtful (especially to a first time Mummy who was already stressing to the limits!). She told me I was 'obviously not feeding my DS enough' and that I should give up and give him formula. No need to imagine what state I was in! So I ended up doing both. You asked about mixed feeding? Doesn't sound like you need to, but once you accept the fact it's not a sign of failure it's ok - you offer the breast first then give formula either in a bottle or with a syringe (for very small babies). I did this until he was weaned at 8 months. Now at 4 he's a 'normal' & happy little boy who runs circles around us and who never stops!

    Just to reinforce the other pp's... as long as the gain is steady along with other stats, that you're nursing on demand (although I do agree it couldn't hurt fitting in another feed into the day even if you're on target with 10 feeds/day), that your LO is happy and contented then there's nothing serious to worry about. And lastly (really didn't mean for this post to end up so long!!) WELL DONE! You're doing a great job so far!

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