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    That sucks! You may have legal rights to adequate break time to pump milk for your baby...I don't know what kind of job you're in or if you're worried about engendering bad will among coworkers but legally speaking, I believe you're entitled to "reasonable break time" though it may be unpaid, to pump milk for your baby. Just for comparison's sake, when I'm at work, I pump for 30+ minutes every 3-4 hours. Many moms are able to adequately empty their breasts in 20-25 minutes but I am not. Of course, it's harder in some jobs than others to take additional break time. I work in a flexible position where it's not a problem.

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    I know it seems counter productive to pump more often, but it is key to making more milk. More frequent removal means your body makes more. And it can take days to weeks to get more out via pumping. It took me like two weeks to increase suppl while EPing. One of the major downsides of EPing is the pump. None are even half as good as a baby at stimulating supply. And a baby would be emptying a breast or two every 1-2.5 hours.
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