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Thread: how to pump wean after summer break

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    Default how to pump wean after summer break

    Hello! First, I want to thank everyone here for all of the great advice and support that you give. I haven't actually posted very much but have spent lots of time over the past year reading the threads and it has helped so much.

    My ds will be 1 year (I can't believe it!) on August 24th. I am a teacher and have been home with him for the summer nursing on demand. I will return to work on Aug. 27th.I know a lot of people pump wean at one year and am wondering if this will work for us. I'm not sure if I should start out pumping and then gradually stop or just not start pumping again when school starts. My husband will bring ds to nurse during lunch which should help unless he ends up being too distracted to nurse (he often is when we're out now). Does anyone have experience with having a break from pumping like this and then going back to work after your lo was one?

    I want to continue to nurse when I am home for as long as ds wants to. Also, I guess I will have my husband give him some cow's milk when i'm gone if I don't pump. I'm a little worried about this though because his birthday is so close to my return to work. He won't have much time to adjust to cow's milk. If he doesn't like it will he really be getting enough fat from nursing when I'm home and the solids he eats?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Default Re: how to pump wean after summer break

    When pump weaning, you want to be a little cautious and make sure you bring the pump with you the first few days or weeks back at work. Your goal is to gradually wean from pumping, just like you'll eventually gradually wean from nursing. Weaning too fast can result in plugged ducts, engorgement, and discomfort- so you're going to want to have your pump to relieve those issues if they occur during the workday.

    Long as your baby is nursing 3-5 times a day, you don't need to offer animal milk. And cow's milk in a sippy isn't the only way for a baby to get calcium and fat- whole milk yogurt and cheese are also great sources.

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    Default Re: how to pump wean after summer break

    I would just not pump when you go back to work. Bring a hand pump just in case you get engorged.

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