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Thread: tips for traveling with milk on dry ice

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    Default tips for traveling with milk on dry ice

    I will be traveling from the US to Paris for a week in September. My plan is to pump 2x/day, freeze the milk, and bring it back with me on dry ice. I checked with the airline and dry ice is permitted, up to 5.5 lbs., which sounds like way more than I will need for around 50 oz. of milk.

    I asked the person at the airline how it should be stored/packed and she didn't know. My boss said it had to be in cardboard or similar because if it is airtight it can explode.

    Has anyone traveled with milk packed in dry ice? This is the one aspect of my trip that I am most anxious about because I don't know how this will work. I also don't know if dry ice is easy to find (e.g. at a grocery store) in Paris.

    Any experience or ideas appreciated. And please don't tell me to just pump and dump. I am renting an apartment with a fridge and freezer rather than staying in a hotel to make this possible. I am committed to making this work.


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    Default Re: tips for traveling with milk on dry ice



    Whether or not they have dry ice in Paris I do not know.

    If you don't have lipase, your milk might last a week. You may only have the first day's that isn't perfect. Milk can stay in the fridge up to 8 days, so I would consider NOT freezing it if I couldn't find dry ice within hours of arriving in Paris and shipping it with cold packs. We receive vaccines and heat sensitive medications all the time with cold packs in styrofoam boxes inside cardboard boxes and it does well.
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    Default Re: tips for traveling with milk on dry ice

    I know when we order meat online, it comes in a Styrofoam box inside a cardboard box. Is there anyway you could take a styrofoam cooler with you and then pack it in a cardboard box. It should stay frozen for your duration home.

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