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Thread: Putting 10-week old to sleep

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    Default Putting 10-week old to sleep

    Hi - I know this question does not totally relate to breastfeeding but it does have to do somewhat with nursing to sleep, and you ladies give such great advice that I thought I would see if anyone has any thoughts on this.

    I have been bed-sharing with my 10-week old since the second week. We usually go to bed around 9/9:30pm which is when I usually went to bed before I had him. Now I am starting to think that he needs to go to bed earlier, as he is showing signs of drowsiness earlier (yawning, rubbing eyes, fussiness) - usually around 7/7:30pm. The problem is that I'm not ready to go to bed that early, so I am trying to figure out how to get him down for the first 2 hours without me. So far I have not had much luck. I have tried rocking/nursing to sleep and putting him in a bassinet next to the bed, but he just wakes up and cries. We also tried putting him down for a nap in his swing but he only naps that late between 20-40 minutes and then wakes up wired until 10:30pm or so. I also tried nursing him to sleep in the bed and sneaking away, but he always wakes up when I try to sneak out, even if he's been sleeping for 30 minutes.

    Any thoughts on how to do this? Do I just need to give in and start going to bed earlier for now? I know 10 weeks is still very young, so maybe I am trying to change things too soon for him?

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    Default Re: Putting 10-week old to sleep

    Hello and welcome! Hmm - I like that your are recognizing his drowsy signs and I think you're correct in that many babies begin to need an earlier bedtime around this age. I wish I had a solution for your problem, though! I think your best bet would be to keep working on trying to sneak away while he is asleep, just to get him used to going down that early, and see how it goes. Here's a trick that worked for DD when I wanted to sneak away while she was napping in my bed - I would put a small rolled-up blanket beside her in place of me - it seemed like having something providing a little pressure on her side eased the transition. Just a thought...
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    Default Re: Putting 10-week old to sleep

    Give in. 9-9:30 is generally too late for a young baby to go to bed. They're usually ready between 6-8 o'clock, some earlier, some later.

    I suggest nursing baby to sleep and then lying down with him for a while. It may take 5 minutes, it may take an hour- but eventually he is going to transition to deeper sleep and you'll be able to slip away.

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    Default Re: Putting 10-week old to sleep

    good ideas above but for me, putting a baby to bed at this age was just too much trouble. we tried it, and some nights we could do it if it worked, but usually either I would fall asleep on the bed trying to put baby to sleep or baby would wake 3 minutes after I tiptoed out. So usually, instead, I or my husband would put baby in a sling if we were mobile ourselves or hold baby on our chest if on computer or watching tv. Baby slept great and we got personal time just with a sleeping baby present. As i recall we introduced the concept of a kids specific 'bedtime' much later, when kids were old enough where we could develop a meaningful regular bedtime routine.

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    Default Re: Putting 10-week old to sleep

    I agree with LLLmeg. I couldn't go to bed that early. I would just have in my mind that he/she was ready for a nap. Sometimes they would sleep for 2 hrs or so, but sometimes less or longer. Eventually when they got older they eventually picked out their own bedtime schedule for us! It ended being b/t 9-10 even today! Do what works for your family.
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