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Thread: Pain in my breast ????

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    Default Pain in my breast ????

    My LO is 6 months old, has been EBF (pain in the beginning, but rarely any last couple months), and plays with a sippy and some solids (but not everyday). Good diapers,two bottom teeth, and happy, healthy chunky monkey so that's my DD3's history

    My problem today is that my right breast feels bruised, but I'm unable to see any marks. It's not any warmer than the rest of me, and no visible marks not even pink/red. The spot that hurts is all the way to the side, right under my armpit. There are no bumps or hard spots. I just don't know what it could be. Maybe I pulled something or hit it? I was just wondering if it sounded like something that I need to watch for...?

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    Default Re: Pain in my breast ????

    Perhaps a plugged duct (deep enough that a lump can't be felt easily)? Try massaging in a warm shower, massaging before nursing, and switching up nursing positions just to see if it helps at all.
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    Default Re: Pain in my breast ????

    agree to PP. And try to get in some extra nursing sessions.
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