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Thread: Sad about thinking I have to stop B/F

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    You might also try a "nurse in"--take the baby to bed with you for a weekend or a few days. Go skin to skin (strip baby down to a diaper and keep yourself topless or in just a nursing bra). Just hang out in bed all day and let her nurse whenever and as long as she wants! Turn the ringer off on the phone, gather lots of books, water and snacks and just enjoy each other's company.

    You've gotten a ton of good ideas here: offer when she isn't starving, when she's sleepy, etc. Some babies will nurse better in motion (ie in a sling or walking around the house if you're coordinated enough ). Some babies will latch on if they are put into a warm bath with Mommy too.

    Good luck! I'm so glad to hear that your baby persuaded you to breastfeed! This will take a little work on your part, but the rewards will be wonderful and plentiful!

    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
    --Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq., So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

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    my daughter is almost six weeks old and i've been supplementing since birth(more in the beginning as she was not gaining weight very well) but for the last few weeks i've been doing what you do, one maybe two bottles of formula a day but i always offer her the breast first.
    i think you're doing a great job, despite the difficulties you are having and like others have said it may be nipple confusion. my daughter still occassionally has difficulty latching on but once she's on she generally stays put.
    the only advice i could give you is to not give up hope! the first few weeks, when my daughter wasn't gaining weight i felt like my body wasn't giving her what she needed and what i was suppose to give her! no matter what you are doing an excellent job!

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    Wow! What great advice you have been give! I just also wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on. I have a 9 month old and just really treasure our bf relationship..You can do it!

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    You might try a day in bed. Both of you stripped down to as little as possible. Skin to skin contact stimulates you to make mil and her to want to nurse.

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