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    So July 26 I went in to surgery and had my tonsils out after words I took no pain killers thankfully it didn't hurt at all I did how ever wish to sleep the first 2 days way after and did my mom took care of him and would give him to me for feedings than take him back so i could get a jump start on trying to heal faster. Well since surgery I have noticed a huge increase in his desire to nurse he normally would only eat 10 mins on each side if I was lucky normally the last 2 or 3 he would play the on off game. Now he dosnt want to stop to even switch i will do 10 mins each side and repeat over and over with him not even pulling off and playing around we do this for about a hour before I pull him off even though he wishes to keep going. I feel bad doing this but need a little brake. So he finally with a little protests goes back to playing and with in 30 mins we stat over again. Well I noticed his first 2 teeth are coming in at the same time and I think this might be part of why he just wants to nurse so much. Well since Aug 2end I had some issues with my surgery I started bleeding bad I would go in they would send me home because it would stop. I than was feeling so bad that I ended up after 30 mins of feeding cutting him off. I do love and enjoy my bf time with him but at that point only having a liquid diet and bleeding just was really hard to enjoy feeding him like i should. As of last Aug 4th I had a close enough call that the hospital finally decided to cauterize the spot. When in the hospital I tried my best to feed him as we waited for them to cauterize the spots in my throat. Since than I have decided that since we still nurse every 2 hours just about at night that I would removed the front rail to his crib and push it right up against my bed to make it alot easier on both of us. I am trying my best to do what I know is right for him but keep my self healthy as well. I fear with this Liquid diet iv had to be on my milk sucks because he is all ways wanting to nurse and even though at first I thought it was comfort he sucking doesn't change like it used to when he would go from actively eating to just being there to be there. I was at one point able to have mushy foods but now because of all most bleeding out they want me to only have Popsicle water jello and frozen drinks with no dairy in them I cant have anything warm at this point. I fear this really poor diet is hurting my milk.Now that we are back to more or less co sleeping rather than just sharing a room he is trying to feed all night long and day 2. I ended up asking my mom to take him for a hour since I am sooooooooo drained from everything the last 3 day I feel like im being a bad mom at times but I dont know what to do I love to nurse on demand but with everything going on i just feel so drained at times i just cant do it i dont want to deny him if he really is hungry at this point though i do want to cut back on the comfort nursing but I cant tell what one hes doing at this point since he isnt taking brakes when sucking its just suck suck suck suck no suck stop than oh ya time to suck again . Sorry for the rambling im simi asleep and in need of some advice since i am feeling like a bad mom for wanting not to comfort nurse so much as I heal up

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    I'm sorry you're having such a rough time! It sounds like your baby picked the absolute worst time in the world to go through a spate of heavy teething. I'm sure that's the explanation for the constant nursing- though separation anxiety from you more or less disappearing for a couple days might also explain some of his desire to be constantly attached to you.

    Don't worry that your very limited diet means that your milk is no good. Your body will take from your reserves and create good milk no matter what your diet is.

    Just stay hydrated and try to get as much rest as you can.

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    I dont think its really separation anxiety since we haven't been apart apart even when in the hospital he spent the hole time with me i would nurse just not hold him really due to the wires and what not but he was held right next to my bed so i could talk and play. The days my mom more or less watched him for me I was just in the other room and she would bring him to me any time he would fuss since she knows I dont really let him fuss that I try to meet any needs before it gets to the point of crying the only thing i could think of he could feel any anxiety from is mommy not letting him nurse for hours on end since his hole life hes been feed on demand I never have put limits on it tell I stated having issues after surgery. I am just happy though that the nurses in the hospital were so nice about accommodating my wish to still be with him and feed even after everything that had happened. I think it helped that they all had babys about the same age so understood the need and desire to meet his needs even if i wasnt feeling all to well.

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