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Thread: Back to Work!

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    Default Back to Work!

    Baby girl is nearly 10 weeks old and will be staying home with stay-at-home dad.

    I teach at a college; my normal schedule will be:
    M 1-4; 6-9
    T 7:45-11:30
    W 7:45-11:30; 6-8
    R 7:45-11:30
    F 7:45-11:30

    So, the most I'll be gone at a time is 3.5 hours at a time. Is this a good schedule? Should I redo it?

    I've been freezing milk in 2.5oz amounts--is that the right amount for when I'm gone 3.5 hours? I'll nurse her before I leave so at the 2 hour mark she might take 2.5oz, right? I also pump between nursing sessions and I have some 1oz bottles in the freezer he can use for a "top off" if he needs it.

    Here's the problem, though. For 8 days before my normal schedule starts I have to work registration (full days). I'll go in from 8-5 and I can nurse at lunch, so would hubby only need about 2 3oz bottles for the day? I'll nurse before I leave at 8, she might eat at 10, I'll come home and nurse at noon, etc?

    Going back to work has me all stressed out! I'm so committed to bfing exclusively for at least the first year and I desperately want things to work! I just don't know about bottles and pumping and how much to leave and if things will be okay...

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    Default Re: Back to Work!

    I think your plan for your regular schedule sounds really good. Not to mention that for the night classes, hopefully LO will be headed off to dreamland in that time so you may need to worry less about covering for the night part of your schedule.

    The amounts sound fine - you may find she consistently wants more or consistently leaves some since you will be nursing throughout the day too. You'll figure it out and get into a routine over the first few weeks (but with your schedule, even if you biff the amounts a little bit, it shouldn't be too much of a problem since you see her so frequently)

    For the registration days I might leave a little more, just in case (and I would plan on trying to pump at least 3x those days). I generally plan for my LO to eat about every 2 hours when being bottle fed, so if I was leaving him for that length of time I'd probably leave at least four bottles just in case. In the beginning, IMO, best to leave more than you need until you get used to things and get it all evened out.

    The trickiest thing will probably be figuring out when to pump so that you can supply her, while also making sure there's plenty (and you haven't just pumped) when you stop home to nurse her. And also if there's any commute between the college and home, I'd have a contingency plan if there's some sort of delay/traffic or reason you can't get home that day.

    You'll be fine. It takes some fiddling with schedules and amounts to find exactly the right balance but sounds like things should go well

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