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Thread: pumping once lo sleeps more at night

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    Default pumping once lo sleeps more at night

    My 8 week old daughter went 6 hours at night. Last feeding was at 8pm, next was around 3am. I only feed from one side at a time so its almost 10-12 hours from my last feed on one of my sides. I feed her about every 2 hours during the day. Should I pump in the middle of the night or is waiting until 7 (only been pumping in am once just to have a small stash) if I can tolerate fullness? I had an oversupply in the past and finished the block feeding to regulate it about a week or so ago. Don't want the oversupply to get out of control but also don't want to be on the opposite side of the spectrum...

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    Default Re: pumping once lo sleeps more at night

    on the rare occasion when one of my LO's slept thru the night, i hand expressed the overly full side, just to the point of comfort
    but then I nudged the baby to nurse anyhow.
    I did not pump in the middle of the night and since you have an established bountiful milk supply I don't think pumping is needed to protect your production.
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    Default Re: pumping once lo sleeps more at night

    No need to pump or even express,provided you can tolerate the fullness. Your body can be trained to make more milk during the day when it is required, and less at night, when it is not. All you have to do is nurse on demand and let that set your internal clock.

    Now, if you are returning to the workforce and eventually find your pump output slumps and you realize you need more milk, then you might want to add a nighttime pumping session into your routine. But not right now!

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