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Aside from cosmetic issues (and hey, that breast was bigger to start with anyway), is there really a reason to "fix" the problem if my baby is coping with the letdown and we've got no signs of fore/hindmilk imbalance?
Nope! If baby is getting the right balance of hind and foremilk, and baby isn't showing distress over the OALD ... then nothing needs to be done. In fact, many babies who learn to cope with a fast let down will become so accustomed to it that they prefer that forceful spray of milk and will get frustrated when it's not so fast and plentiful! That is where my baby is now after many months of battling OALD/oversupply (she didn't learn to cope with it and it caused many problems in our BFing relationship) ... she prefers the gush and gets mad when it's not there.