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Thread: birth control to reduce supply

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    I have written a number of posts about reducing breastmilk supply and nothing has worked. DD is almost 4 months. Has explosive mucousy stools that are yellow. They used to be green so...some improvement I feel with the balance. What we are struggling with is when I have to pump at work. I pump only what she takes and no more. I have no reserves in freezer. I could easily pump tons more. Have any of you tried birth control to reduce supply? I am to this point of drastic measures. Been using 12 hour blocks and they did not work. Made both baby and I miserable. Just wanted to see if other moms had luck with Loestrin birth control pills. Those with oversupply, how did you pump? I am only doing one breast per feed and getting 4oz from that side. Pumping every 4 hours. Would i be better off to pump every 6 hours, but pump 7 oz each time. I need 14 oz for the 12 hours I am away. If BCP did work, how long did it take. I have tried everything else. Tried Sudafed for 1 month and no reduction. Any help appreciated.

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    I haven't done this, but I would be concerned that my supply would totally tank. It sounds like you'd like a reduction, but you may not be able to control how much BC reduces it, kwim? I'm sorry I don't have more to offer.
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    I think I remember reading on here about Altoids helping where there's extreme os. May be worth a try before you go to BCPs.
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    Sage and peppermint both are linked to decreasing supply.
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